Eleni, a modern day Medicine Woman

I want to empower you to heal your self

I have always had a love for sports, so when I began my career in massage therapy, my focus was primarily on athletes. I had the most wonderful experience working with our professional football team, the Edmonton Eskimos, as well as many triathletes, marathoners, professional cyclists, and quite a few weekend warriors.

Constant Progression…

As I progressed in my practice, I discovered Reiki and Reflexology. I soon discovered that less is more and that the body, when given a little TLC, can heal its self! This changed my practice from a rather aggressive approach to a more balanced approach. This approach has once again been reaffirmed as I study Osteopathy and OrthoBionomy.

Continuing on my journey, I study Quantum Healing, Traditional Shamanism, and Theta Healing. All of these share the same premise, ‘change your mind, change your life.’ As my life has shifted, my practice has changed. I am very proud to have international success in both Canada and Greece and to be able to have such a unique and adventure filled lifestyle!

Something New…

Fifteen years into my journey, I am motivated as ever to help you prevent injury, heal what we can, and help you live the healthiest and happiest, and pain free life possible! Together we can get rid of the blocks and restriction that are preventing you from being your most authentic, healthy self!


I am so grateful for everyone who has been and will be a part of my journey~